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    • Pastor Joann E. Allen is senior pastor and founder of Divine Habitation Ministries International in Henderson N.C., a ministry birthed from prayer and instruction from the Holy Ghost. She is a native of Henderson, and the proud mother of four daughters, Latasha, Latori, Courtney, and Jacqueline and two beautiful grandchildren: Elijah and Elise.

      Pastor Allen understands the great responsibility of being a carrier of the “Word of God” and believes that one must “Study to show thyself approved”, so incorporating this principle into her life she has taken various classes from Shaw University, and also Duke University.

      As a “Messenger of the Word” the apostolic mantle of Christ rest upon her as she teach and preach “kingdom principles”, giving insight to her listeners of who they are and Who’s they are.

      Pastor Allen exemplifies the love of Christ everywhere she goes and shares His love with everyone that she meet’s. She is a “Servant Leader” who takes to heart the mandate of Christ, “Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these My brethren, you have done it to Me”.

      Her philosophy for life is, “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”!

    • Service Times

      9:30am Prayer
      10:00am Sunday School Teaching
      11:00am Worship Service

      6:30pm Intercessory Prayer
      (Intercessory team ONLY)
      (1st & 3rd Sat.) Morning Glory Prayer
      6:45pm Bible Study
      Corporate prayer on every 1st Thursday
      of the month
      Directions to DHMI

      Coming from the South:
      Atlanta, Durham

      • Take I-85 NORTH
      • Take exit #214/NC-39 toward HENDERSON
      • Turn Right on ANDREWS AVE [NC-39]
      • Turn Right on ORVILLE ST
      • Stop at 227 ORVILLE ST

      Coming from the North:
      Washington, DC, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut

      • Merge onto I-95 SOUTH
      • Take exit #51 onto I-85 SOUTH toward DURHAM/ATLANTA
      • Take Left exit #218 onto US-1-BYP SOUTH toward RALEIGH
      • Take ramp toward HENDERSON
      • Turn Left on E ANDREWS AVE [NC-39]
      • Turn Right on ORVILLE ST
      • Stop at 227 ORVILLE ST

      Coming from US 1:

      • Turn onto CAPITAL BLVD toward CAPITAL BLVD NORTH
      • CAPITAL BLVD becomes US-1 NORTH
      • US-1 NORTH becomes US-1-BYP NORTH
      • Take ramp toward HENDERSON
      • Turn Right on E ANDREWS AVE [NC-39]
      • Turn Right on ORVILLE ST
      • Stop at 227 ORVILLE ST


    • We believe that God is a spirit, infinite, eternal and unchanging in his being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness and truth.
    • We believe there is one God, The God of The Holy Bible, the only true and living God.
    • We believe that the Bible is the unadulterated word of God, unblemished, untainted and authorized by God.
    • We believe in the salvation of mankind, and that the only way we can be saved, according to the Word of God, is by grace through faith alone; it is the gift of God. (Eph. 2:15)
    • We believe in repentance, justification, sanctification and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire. (Rom. 5:1; St. John 17:17; 18:19; St. Matt. 3:11)
    • We believe in the gifts of the Spirit, and that these gifts are in operation in the militant church. (I Cor. 1:8-11)
    • We believe in water baptism by immersion, and that baptism is a sign to the world that we have entered into a covenant relationship with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection. (St. Matt. 28:19)
    • We believe in the ordination of Bishops, Elders, and Pastors.
    • We believe in the Ecclesiastical offices of the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. (Eph. 4:11)
    • We believe in worship, fellowship, friendship, leadership, discipleship, and all should be done to the glory of almighty God.
    • We believe in marriage, family, and the sanctity of the family. (Gen. 2:18-25; I Cor. 3:21)
    • We believe Jesus shed His blood for the remission of sin. (Rom. 3:25)
    • We believe in the divine healing as in the atonement. (Isa. 53:4-5; I Peter 2:24; James 5:14-16)
    • We believe that the tenth is the Lord's and each member is required to pay their tithes (tenth) and offerings. (Mal. 3:8; I Cor.9:5-15)
    • We believe that we should live according to the teaching of the word of God, as recorded in the Bible. We believe that we should conduct ourselves as becoming holy people of God, and refrain from participating in anything that would dishonor God or bring a reproach upon the church of God; and that we should dress ourselves in modest apparel according to the word of God. (I Tim. 2:9)
    • We, moreover, under the unction and anointing of the Holy Ghost, do henceforth, engage in the sacraments and ordinances enacted by Christ, and practice: 1) Baptism (St. Matt. 28:19-20); and 2) Communion (I Cor. 11:23-34)

    • In September, 2002, Pastor Joann E. Allen, while serving as senior pastor of Saint James Missionary Baptist Church (the church she was raised up in as a child), and entering into her second year of service there, heeded the voice of God. The Holy Spirit led her to "leave the familiar, and go to a place where I will show you; build Me a habitation where I can dwell, and where My people can experience being in My presence".

      Through much prayer and obedience Divine Habitation Ministries, International (a non-denominational church) was birthed. DHMI is one of the fastest growing ministries in Vance County, North Carolina, bringing change and transformation to the lives of people.

      DHMI has from its birthing devoted itself to taking sound biblical doctrine and the full Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the confines of the four walls of the church structure to the 'hedges and highways.'

      We have two mega community outreaches annually -- Summer Fest and Fall Fest, held at our city fairground. We also have outreach ministries such as the nursing home ministry, the Soup Kitchen (designed to feed the hungry), and Evangelism ministry in order to reach countless lives through the love of God and His life-changing power.

      DHMI is a ministry that ministers to the whole family and meets them at their point of need. We seek out the oppressed and desolate to give them hope. We currently have 31 ministries operating and following the vision.
    • Armorbearer Ministry The mission is to protect, shield, lift up in strength, and assist the pastor, and always stand as a watchman where the enemy is concerned.

      Administrative Ministry The mission is to handle all clerical and managerial aspects of the ministry.

      Altar Ministry The mission is to be "watchers and intercessors", assisting the Pastor, Evangelists, and ministers with prayer lines, etc., ensuring organization and safety at the altar, while individuals or groups are being personally ministered to.

      Associate Ministry Team The mission is to assist and support the pastor in all ministerial aspects of the church; including preaching, teaching and mentoring.

      Board Of Directors The mission is to make sure that the vision and mission statements of the ministry are carried out to the fullness. Also, to oversee all activities of the ministry to make sure that they are in line with the vision and mission.

      Children's Ministry The mission is to provide christian training and teaching for the age group-- infant through 8 years old. It is to train them to know the Word of God and the biblical truths in the scripture, applying those truths in their daily lives; thereby, gaining insight into the importance of servicing others as they develop a true heart for mission work.

      Deacon Ministry The mission is to aid the pastor in whatever capacity needed, with the administration of the church; to have an open-door policy with assigned families and to avail ourselves always to assist the families in their area of need.

      Drama Ministry The mission is to draw souls to Christ through dramatic expression, allowing one to visibly see what God is saying in His Word.

      Evangelism Ministry The mission is to reach beyond the confines of the church walls, into the "hedges and highways" with the gospel of our risen Savior. It is also to give hope and encouragement, and to help supply the natural, as well as spiritual needs of the people. As a unified body, while reaching the hurting, sick, needy, unsaved, and those in bondage, we will impact their lives in such a way as to foster permanent, positive change.

      Finance Ministry The mission is to keep proper accounting records of all monies, bills, payments, etc., including an updated church budget.

      Healthcare Ministry The mission is to provide excellent, and immediate healthcare to service attendees in a professional and discreet manner when needed, never altering or interfering with the flow of the service and to maintain that level of healthcare until emergency medical personnel arrives (if needed).

      Hospitality/Beautification/Kitchen Ministry The mission is to make sure that everyone is treated cordially, the facility is neat, clean, and beautiful, and to handle all food preparation and serving.

      Intercessory Ministry The mission is to continually 'stand in the gap' and petition God, on behalf of the pastor and those who have sincere prayer requests or need a move of God in their lives. It is to always be "watchmen" and have a spirit of discernment.

      Marriage Ministry The mission is to support couples with practical and spiritual guidance for a healthy and prosperous marriage; offer insight for couples to strengthen their relationships; be open to exploring new ways of doing things; and to discover how combined strengths compensate for individual weaknesses. It is also to assist couples in developing skills and knowledge to form and sustain healthy marriages; thereby, promoting a better quality of life for children.

      Media Ministry The mission is to make sure that all video equipment is set up, maintained, and functioning properly, and to visually record all services.
        Men's Ministry The mission is to build up the unity among the brothers; by encouraging, supporting, and laboring together in the Kingdom of God. It is to reclaim fallen brothers on the battlefield, to teach and impart into the young brothers, as we support them in their God-given gifts and talents; and to go out into the community and make our presence known as warriors in the army of God.

      Music Ministry The mission is to lead and call to worship the congregation, supplying all services with the appropriate instrumental music and vocal songs.

      Nursing Home Ministry The mission is to minister to those of the geriatric population that are confined to nursing homes; and to minister to those that are sick and infirmed in their bodies that are confined to nursing homes as well.

      Parking Lot Ministry The mission is to provide a valet-type service to all attendees of our scheduled services and to help ensure the safety of vehicles and persons on the parking lot.

      Pastor's Aide Ministry The mission is to make sure that all of the pastor's personal ministerial needs are met, by assisting in whatever area needed, thereby enabling the pastor to perform comfortably, effectively, and efficiently in the pastoral office.

      Praise Dance Ministry The mission is to magnify and demonstrate through the expression of dance, the various forms of praise and worship of Almighty God.

      Publication Ministry The mission is to publish a newsletter in a timely fashion, with church specific information, to keep the congregation and visitors informed; and to give words of inspiration.

      Scholarship Ministry The mission is to present scholarships on a yearly basis for deserving students from the congregation who meet the specific spiritual, academic, community, and essay guidelines established. It is also to support in some monetary way, these same students for a maximum of four years when enrolled in a post-secondary school.

      Security Ministry The mission is to make sure that the pastor and all speakers, as well as the congregation, edifice, and grounds of the church are safe and secure at all times during service hours.

      Sound Ministry The mission is to make sure that all sound equipment is set up, maintained, and functioning properly, and to audibly record all services.

      Sunday School Ministry The mission is to further empower GOD'S people through sound teaching, using biblical, as well as, practical applications.

      Transportation Ministry The mission is to provide transportation to and from the church services for those in need of such.

      Trustees The mission of the trustee is to hold in trust the physical assets of the church, and to be responsible for sound fiduciary management.

      Women's Ministry The mission is to strengthen the sisterhood, while imparting the Word of God, so that each woman may fulfill her God-given purpose.

      Usher Ministry The mission is to greet, seat, and assist, in a loving, godly manner all persons entering the sanctuary. Also, to direct the congregation during the collection of tithes and offerings.

      Youth Ministry The mission is to train, support, and educate the youth (on their level), in the way of christianity, and how to deal with everyday life situations; thereby, empowering them to impact the lives of other youth (as well as, adults) through love, unity, servitude, and fellowship.
    • If you have any questions concerning DHMI or want more information about our ministries please contact:
      Janie Baskerville-Martin
      (Administrative Assistant)
      (252) 433-8299
      Fax# (252) 433-8290

      Shirley Bullock
      (Administrative Assistant)
      (252) 433-8299
      Fax# (252) 433-8290

      To request Pastor Allen for appointments, workshops, conferences, etc. please contact:
      Janie Baskerville-Martin
      P O Box 2392
      Henderson, NC 27536
      (252) 433-8299
      Fax# (252) 433-8290.
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    • Learn about becoming a Covenant Partner
      An invitation from Pastor Joann E. Allen:
      As pastor of Divine Habitation Ministries, International, I invite you to become a Covenant Partner with us and watch how your life will be transformed. My life's motto is: 'To God be the Glory!; and in every part of this ministry, we strive in excellence to help build the Kingdom of God, making sure that God is glorified in all we do. As you partner with me in this ministry, I promise to pray for you daily, and always use your gifts to expand the work and Word of God. Always know, that whatever you do for this ministry will be blessed by God and will be sincerely appreciated.

      Covenant Partners are committed friends of Pastor Joann E. Allen and Divine Habitation Ministries, International who have whole-heartedly pledged to stand alongside this ministry as we reach out with life-changing truth from the Word of God to souls that are lost; to lives that are shattered, and to those that are despondent and oppressed. Our aim is to help people experience the abundant living that God always intended them to have, and to further God's Kingdom here on earth. It is through your partnership, that these will be blessed and have their lives changed for the better. As you help to bless others, you will also share in the daily blessings and anointing that flow unhindered from this ministry. Your lives will be richly impacted in the areas of family, relationships, health, finances, and much more. We invite you to become a part of our family today, and help us further the work of Almighty God!

      Benefits to you as a partner:
      As a Covenant Partner, you will receive numerous benefits. First, and foremost, St. Luke 6:38 says, " Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over …." You will receive a specially designed certificate with your name, designating you as a Covenant Partner of Divine Habitation Ministries, International. You will receive monthly tapes or CD's of Pastor Joann E. Allen's anointed teachings and sermons. A monthly letter from the Pastor will be sent to you to keep you updated on how your gift is helping the ministry to change lives through our television broadcasts, conferences and workshops, as well as through our many outreach programs. Our Covenant Partners will be kept informed of Pastor Joann E. Allen's scheduled preaching appointments, workshops, and conferences across the nation. From time to time, you will also receive gifts and ministry items selected especially to thank you for your gifts to this ministry.

      How your gifts will assist the Ministry:
      Each of the Divine Habitation Ministries, International Covenant Partners help empower Pastor Allen as she shares the love of God in powerful and practical ways with people weighed down by life's circumstances and their own tragic choices. These men, women and children are the ones it's so easy to ignore, like drug dealers, prostitutes, alcoholics, battered women, victims of child abuse. You can bring hope by partnering with Pastor Allen and Divine Habitation Ministries International,helping to make it possible to introduce them to God who cares for them supremely. Your compassion can give them a future to look forward to. Once your love breaks through the dark night of their suffering, their lives will never be the same. To begin enjoying the benefits of a Covenant Partner right away, simply click on the link below.
      Would like to partner with Divine Habitation Ministries International?
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    Joann Allen Ministries

    "Bringing Restoration to this Generation"

    Our Mission
    Our mission at Joann E. Allen Ministries is to restore this generation with the love of God, and the truth of His Word. John 8:32 "and you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free".

    Our Vision
    Joann E. Allen Ministries have been given a divine mandate to take the Kingdom message on a global mission, as we witness transformed lives one person at a time.

      This is being accomplished through the following ministries:
    • Whole Village Ministries - mentoring young single mothers.
    • Great Exploits - youth empowerment ministry.
    • Shalom Ministry - ministering to the critically ill.
    • D.O.D.(Daughters of Deborah) - empowering women in leadership.


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    Contact Divine Habitation

    Get Involved
    If you have any questions concerning DHMI or want more information about our ministries please contact:
    Janie Baskerville-Martin
    (Administrative Assistant)
    (252) 433-8299
    Fax# (252) 433-8290

    Shirley Bullock
    (Administrative Assistant)
    (252) 433-8299
    Fax# (252) 433-8290
    To request Pastor Allen for appointments, workshops, conferences, etc. please contact:
    Janie Baskerville-Martin
    P O Box 2392
    Henderson, NC 27536
    (252) 433-8299
    Fax# (252) 433-8290.

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Grace and Peace be multiplied unto you in the name of Jesus Christ! I am so excited that you stopped by to visit our website! I hope that you find all that we have to offer informing, inspiring, and empowering. We here at DHMI have been given a "divine mandate" by God to carry the gospel all over the world, that it may bring restoration to the "total man."

This is the season the Holy Spirit is restoring the church back to her original glory, as we experience miracles, signs, and wonders right in our midst. It is my prayer that you will believe God for everything that He has said concerning you, and you too, shall receive your miracle. Remember, "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THEM WHO BELIEVE"!